Tribute to Kim Jong Hyun, My Angle, My Inspiration, My Poet

It's been a year without you Jonghyun ahhhh~

jonghyun funeral
Kim Jonghyun SHINee

In this post I will remember the beautifull moment with my Angel. He's really angel for me, he always gives me enthusiasm with his beautiful music.

When I first heard that he was gone, I really really hope that it's just a joke, but I must try to believe your gone. That's really hard for me and the other Shawols, but we know that your happy there, you did well Jonghyun ahh.
I can be happy and Smile when I say  your name now. But you have to know, in the fact that I'm missing you more and more and I can't even believe that you're not here anymore. If I miss you, I'll hurry to listen your music and that's  when I always feel you're here with Us Jonghyun ~ahh.
Cr. Video from Twitter : @SHINee

You must to know my love Jonghyun, You're The person who taught me that it's ok to hurt, it's ok to be different, it's oke how you handle things, it's ok you do things at your own pace. He comforted us in the most beautiful way.. We will always remember you as always cheerful Jonghyun, 아빠for SHINee who can't hold back tears when it comes to the end of the concert and Jonghyun who always makes Shawol happy. .

jonghyun funeral
Kim Jonghyun SHINee

There aren't enough words to describe your efforts for make a shawols happy. You always made sure to show your love and appreciation for shawols. Thank you for these amazing 9 years with SHINee World. .

I love and miss you so so much you've giving us so much love and happiness and we wish we could have done the same for you.. wherever you are I hope you're doing great ❤

Nothing changes the fact that you did, and will still and always be special to me. You and your music, you the person, and you the poet/artist.

I'll continue to love you, I always Proud to be your fans😊 ❤

I will always love you, no matter what happens and how much time passes ❤ 

Shinee jonghyun, Shine Onew, Shinee key, Shinee minho, shinee minho
SHINee Always be Five Lee Jinki, Lee Taemin, Kim Jonghyun, Choi Minho, Kim Ki-Bum

And for my Other Shining Boys Lee Jin Ki, Lee Taemin, Choi Minho, Kim Ki-Bum. Thank you for being the Light for our Shawol. Thank you for being our shining SHINee until now. Thank you for standing stronger together than ever. Thank you for these amazing 10 years with SHINee World. All of These years was and still very special to me.. I don't know what to say but I want to tell you guys that SHINee isn't just a singer/boy band for me, you are my life, my energy. You are guys still be my 5 stars in my heart with Jonghyun, Nobody can change your position. We'll always by your side 5HINee, let's create more precious momment together.

Shinee jonghyun, Shine Onew, Shinee key, Shinee minho, shinee minho
Shining SHINee with SHINee World
Pict : from Twitter

Thanks from me Jjeha, who always loving you are more and more, no matter what happens and how much time passes ❤

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